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if it were easy….. 

    Note: John 20:19-23 was part of last week's Lectionary. It came to me how timely these verses are right now, given the current worldly chaos.

     Our worldview of what is safe and what is not safe saw a paradigm shift over a few days in mid March. We now live in a world filled with fear and worry: fear of catching the virus for both us and family members, worry of jobs being eliminated, fear of businesses opening while simultaneously fearing what will happen if businesses don’t open, worry of being breathed upon by others, social distancing, and on and on and on. And as if that weren’t enough, now cities are burning, people are protesting, some peacefully and some rioting, all deeply rooted in the systemic racial-ethnic bias that has existed since our country was founded. We fear for and cry out for the injustice to our black brothers and sisters, and all the marginalized people in our country. Chaos abounds. It’s hard to see the path out of all the darkness. Who will lead us?

     On the evening of the day that Jesus had appeared to Mary,  the disciples had locked themselves in with worry and in fear of the Jews.* (Even though they were Jews themselves, some Jews had different worldviews. Sound familiar?) They were also fearful of the Roman authorities. The disciples had lost much over a few days the previous week. Their worldview had been shattered. They didn’t know what to expect in the coming days. Who will lead them?  I can identify with them as many of us seek safety “locked” into our homes, deeming it safer than the worldly dangers, and wondering about our future.

     Suddenly Jesus came and stood among them and said to them “Peace be with you.”  And he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Scripture tells us on that day the disciples received the Holy Spirit; and later, on the day of Pentecost, the world received the Holy Spirit coming from heaven with the sound like a mighty rushing wind”.

     Just like the disciples in their day of fear, Jesus comes to stand among us in our days of fear, the promise from the day of Pentecost. We simply need to breath in and partake of the gift of the Spirit, and have faith in Jesus’ peace.
      I know. Easier said than done on some days. But if it were easy, we wouldn’t need faith.  
Reflection: What is causing me fear or worry right now? Can I envision Jesus here beside me, breathing on me and offering peace to my soul? Breath in and say “Spirit in me”. Exhale and say “me in the Spirit”. Receive the offered peace. 
Gracious God, I know you are as close as the very air I breathe, and are in every breath I take. That you are here with me gives me a sense of peace within. Thank you.  Amen

Footnote: The OT was originally written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word ‘ruah’ means breathe, wind, air, and spirit. Interesting, right? Perhaps more on that later.
*Scripture passages from John 20:19-22 and Acts 2:2,  Cherie Sukeforth

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