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What an amazing time to be in during Holy Week. Never forget that He is with you and you are never alone on this journey.

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Every Monday we will update our Weekly Devotion

Living in the Uncertainty

      Last week during one of his daily updates Dr. Nirav Shah, the Director of the Maine CDC, said that uncertainty is the new normal and that it was okay to acknowledge this. No one, not even the medical experts or those we trust in government leadership can give us any certainty as to what tomorrow, next week, or even next month will look like. The forecasts are disturbing. Our minds are troubled. We are living in the uncertainty between knowing what was and what will be.

     I have a sense of the uncertainty that Jesus’ disciples must have been feeling during what we now know as Holy Week. They had been living and traveling with Jesus for close to three years, helping him to accomplish his earthly mission. All had been fairly good. But now they were in Jerusalem, and after Jesus’ triumphal ride into the city, things had started unraveling. Jesus had forecast, three times according to the Gospel of Mark*, his impending death. The disciples had not fully wrapped their mind around the truth of this, and now life was rapidly changing. The Roman government was certainly not to be trusted; they were crucifying people left and right, and the rumors were that they were looking for Jesus. The religious leaders were not exactly happy with Jesus’ message. The disciples minds must have been troubled. They were living in the uncertainty of what would happen in the days to come. And it didn’t bode well.

     Like the disciples, we sit, often alone, and wait. We know the rest of the story beyond Holy Week. Therefore, we can rest in anticipation and in faith of our lives being resurrected from these uncertain times when we will move into the days of what will be. 

 *Mark 8:31; 9:31; 10:33-34

 Reflection: Does knowing the end of the story beyond Holy Week bring me a sense of comfort in these dark days? Can I grasp that Jesus has lived in the uncertainty and is walking with me knowing how I feel?

 Gracious Lord, thank you for staying the course with me. Knowing you’ll always be there, no matter what, is a great comfort. Amen

(Prayer from “Disciplines. A Book of Daily Devotions. 2020”. Pg118)