Sunday School

Youth Group

In May, the Sunday School children will be assembling "Care Packets" to give to the food pantry or homeless people who might need a little extra help. The packets will include a bottle of water, protein bar, socks, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste and several other items. A poster board with post-it notes is in the back of the sanctuary for anyone who would like to help them collect the items. A tote is beside the table for collection. Thanks to all who donate!

The Youth Group loves photography!

They have put together a lot of pictures that they have taken and made cards with the pictures on them. During May, they will be selling the cards to raise money to help others.

Look for them during fellowship!

Coming Up

We are looking for a youth coordinator! Deb has been appointed to First UMC in Portsmouth, NH as of July 1st. She retired a year ago and after a year of rest and renewal she feels a call to return to parish ministry. She has been a blessing in the time she worked with our youth!

So-we are searching for the right person to work with our youth - in coordinating the Sunday School lessons, teachers, outreach, etc. in the development of our youth.. We would love for the coordinator to also work with local churches in bringing youth together for fellowship and outreach. If you know someone who has a strong Christian foundation and would love to work with our youth, please have them submit a resume to

Deb Hanson / Phone: 207-829-3766 /