Sunday School

Youth Group

Our Sunday School is on Summer Break! Just like the kids in local schools, our kids are out running around and will return in September.

When we do return, our older students, know there is a deeper section of lessons that provide challenges and strategies to really look for opportunities to spread God's wonderful love in our world.

Kind, open, loving hearts, eyes that really see and an attitude of gratitude is our mission in our Christ-centered, student-focused Sunday School room. There is always space at our table. We hope you will join us!

Both our Sunday School and Youth Group programs are looking for people who would have time in their week to help teach our most important members!

Both positions are part-time. The Youth Group Leader meets 1-2 times per month for about 2 hours and the Youth Instructor meets weekly to coordinate Sunday School through the school year. If you are interested, or know of someone who would be great for the positions, please reach out to us today! (Though the positions are geared toward the school season, we'd love to have you apply today.)

Jen Bement / Phone: 207-829-3766 /